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Ford Fiesta Duro Torq 1.4L Diesel

AMARON AAM-FL-566112060 (60Ah) 26% Off

AMARON AAM-FL-566112060 (60Ah)

M.R.P: ₹7,608.00

With Old Battery: ₹5,649.00

Without Old Battery: ₹6,849.00

Prices are inclusive of all taxes

Exide FML0- MLDIN60 (60 Ah) 21% Off

Exide FML0- MLDIN60 (60 Ah)

M.R.P: ₹8,245.00

With Old Battery: ₹6,549.00

Without Old Battery: ₹7,499.00

Prices are inclusive of all taxes

SF Sonic FFS0-FS1440-DIN60 (60 Ah) 23% Off

SF Sonic FFS0-FS1440-DIN60 (60 Ah)

M.R.P: ₹7,245.00

With Old Battery: ₹5,599.00

Without Old Battery: ₹6,549.00

Prices are inclusive of all taxes

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