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Using the services offered by means you have accepted the service terms and conditions of the organization. So, we request you to read them very carefully before using our services.

User Account, Password, and Security

After completion of the registration process, a password and user ID will be generated to your e-mail, making you responsible for each activity under your account.


Privacy Policy

You, as the user, hereby agree that you have read and fully understand our Privacy Policy in respect to the website. You, further express that the terms and contents of such Privacy Policy are acceptable to you.

Platform for Transaction and Communication facility

All commercial/contractual terms offered by and agreed to between buyers and sellers alone.

.  We do not implicitly or explicitly support or endorse sale or purchase of any products or services on the website.

We are not responsible for any non-performance or breach of any contract between buyers and sellers.

We do not take possession of any of the products or services at any point of time during a transaction between the buyer and seller on the website.

. You shall agree independently upon the mode and terms and conditions of delivery, payment, etc. with the seller  that you transact your purchase with.

. You release and secure and any of its officers and representatives from any cost, liability, damage or other consequence of any of the User’s actions on the website.


Rules of Conduct on the Website

. We reserve the complete rights to review, edit and/or delete any content that in our sole judgment violates these Terms of Use or which might be illegal, offensive might violate the rights, harm, or threaten the security of any another organization or person.

. You should not provide any kind of information on the website that misleads the users in any way. 

. You must use the website in a consistent manner, maintaining all applicable laws and regulations.

Despite these rights of , you hold full and complete responsibility of the contents of every material being posted by you in the public areas of our website and also in all of your private messages.

Links to Third Party Websites

The website of may contain links to other websites. The linked websites are not under our control and we hold no responsibility for the content  of any of the linked websites, including any link residing within a linked website (without limitation), or any update or change to the linked website.


Prices for products are described accurately on our website and are incorporated into these terms. All prices are in the Indian currency (rupees). Prices of the products and services are subject to change at our discretion at any point.

Product Liability and Warranty

We shall not be held liable for any piece of damaged goods or any injuries caused by the use of any of the products. We do not provide you with a warranty on any of the product Manufacturer(s) of the respective products is/are solely responsible for any warranty and other promises made on the product.


Product Availability

We make maximum efforts to update the stock of all the products on our website, but the type of service we do makes it extremely tedious to keep a track of all products in stock at different locations in real time. In some cases, products that are shown available may actually not be available or in stock. In such cases, our customer care team shall be responsible to inform you about the same via e-mail or phone call.

Old Battery Rebate (OBR)

For old battery exchange orders, the old battery should be of similar 'Ah' rating as the one you are currently ordering. The old battery discount shown alongside the product listing will not be applicable if the old battery is of a lower rating (lower ‘Ah’ magnitude) than the currently  ordered  battery.


Report Abuse

We don’t review/check all the content in any way before they become visible on the website. We do not verify, support or otherwise guarantee for the contents of any user or any content generally posted or uploaded on to the website of  You can be held lawfully responsible for our contents and may be held legally answerable if the contents or material include, for example, offensive comments or material confined by copyright, trademark, etc. If you come across any abuse or violation of these Terms, please report to

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