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  • Exide FEY0-EY105D31R (85Ah)

Exide FEY0-EY105D31R (85Ah)

  • Brand: Exide
  • Product Code:Exide FEY0-EY105D31R (85Ah)
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Exide EEZY car battery powered by the latest technology has been developed with years of expertise and experience. It has a special Polypropylene container that has corner reinforcement ribs that strengthen the battery to withstands all bumps and vibrations.  Exide EEZY car batteries are manufactured by using a new Lead-Tin-Calcium Alloy that helps to deliver a higher cranking current and longer shelf life.

Specifications of Exide FEY0-EY105D31R (85Ah)


44 Months (24 Months full replacement +20 Months Pro Rata)


85 Ah




Exide EEZY

Part Number


Dimension (L x B x H)


Acid Level Indicator


Battery Layout



Features Of Exide FEY0-EY105D31R (85Ah)

·       Less variance in weight compared to conventional battery improves consistency and reliability in product performance.
·      High cranking power to weight ratio ensures high power in smaller footprint area with excellent vehicle staring ability.
·   Batteries are manufactured by using new lead-tin-calcium an alloy that helps to deliver higher cranking current and longer shelf life.
·     Battery made of punched plates from rolled sheets provides superior corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.
·     Special shelf locking handle design reduces the chance of accidence due to come out handle from the battery.
·       Low self-discharge ensures the START even after idle for long durations.
·       Magic-Eye: For determination of electrolyte level and state of charge.
·       Product styling and appearance provides a robust structure and sealed look externally
·       Available factory-charged in ready-to-use condition.


Recommended for 

Chevrolet Captiva Diesel, Chevrolet Optra Magnum Diesel, Hindustan Motors Ambassador Diesel,  Mahindra XUV500 Diesel, Mercedes-Benz 100 Diesel, Mercedes-Benz 100 Petrol, Mercedes-Benz 140 Diesel,  Mercedes-Benz 140 Petrol

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